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Extensive community engagement experience with:

Providing your clients/members with an opportunity to provide in-depth feedback on your key questions — in a safe, confidential and supportive environment — can bring rich depth to your planning. I can create the right environment, ask the right questions, and provide the compiled information to you in a report that provides insight you may be missing.

Using a facilitator for planning can open communication, provide structure,  manage the process, and support more productive discussions. Facilitators support discussions that overcome conflict or controversy, challenge assumptions in a supportive environment, and provide objective guidance. Facilitation supports change by securing group commitment to plans, preventing positioning that impedes progress, and brings out new perspectives. I use my experience to bring the right approaches to address your group’s needs, leading to discussions that are realistic and focused, encourage appropriate risk taking and can address even difficult decisions and situations.

Collaboration development and maintenance takes work! Building communications and supportive meeting dynamics must take the needs of each partner into consideration. As an outside supporter, I can help groups find the strong, common ground that not only brings them together but keeps them together. I can also identify the communications tools that can support ongoing connections.

Asking the right questions and providing a confidential method for providing honest input is the hallmark of great key informant interviews. Compiling information, identifying common themes and insights, and reporting in a useful format makes key informant interviews a valuable tool for planning. I can provide the planning support, question development, interview delivery, and reporting that meets your organization’s needs.

Whether your surveys are short or long, using it for the right purposes, crafting the right questions, and providing a pleasing survey experience can have a great impact on the participation in and value of your survey. Knowing when to use qualitative question and analyzing the results takes practice and insight. Knowing what NOT to ask can be just as important as knowing what to ask. Not only can I help you create the right questions for your survey, I can create both online and paper surveys, collect the data, analyze results, and provide reports in a form that meets your needs.

Mission Statement

I provide not-for-profit organizations with the right support, at the right time, to:

Become Informed. Find Practical Solutions. Build Accountability. Move Forward Successfully.